Curious Thought (stolen from twitter)

Joyce ‏@Joyce 19 Feb

Did these streams of bizarrely inspired thought-fragments exist before Twitter? Or, has Twitter generated them?


DEVO (devolution)

I was browsing for something on youtube and noticed in the suggestions that run down the side of active window a version of a song (a cover) that we all know and made famous by the stones “satisfaction”. This brought back massive memories of a time gone by, I first heard DEVO on a school camp bus journey, a classmate who I thought to be well and truly “out there” god bless her leaped over everyone in the bus and jammed a cassette in the player, grabbed the volume and cranked it ! What i heard for the first time as distorted as it was from poor quality sound system in the mini bus was this it was like nothing before, I wanted to know who were these freaks that put themselves out there ! (It also kind of blew the mind of the bus driver or was that pissed him off, who cares). I also remember sue dancing totally lost in the crazy energy of the song, she was pretty cool.
Anyway these guys were so far removed from any other sound and seemingly creating this sound without the influence of any drugs, seemingly. They had me, their sound was unlike any other and I couldn’t help but DIG IT 🙂 I also thought about what they were doing ! they didn’t care for what anyone thought, they were doing their thing and loving it, as it turned out many many people loved it too and they made it, They went on to release many albums, they were getting across a message about “De-evolution” (i wonder how many of you realised this or knew were the name devo came from) you have got to remember this song was released in 1977 (I think) pre computers pre everything and yet they came up with the most individual sound, These guys are still around, they toured here not so long ago still doing their thing. So whether you love or hate their sound there is a credit to them for putting everything aside and just putting it out there! They took that first step and made it, maybe a few of us could learn something from this. any way here is the best ever alternate version of “satisfaction” and just for the fun of it here is one most people would remember whip it ! enjoy, take the first step………..

The Barron Has Gone Digital

So here it is the first ever blog by the barron. The whole blogging thing was initialy started as a means to assist a very good friend create their very own blog. I need to know so i can help them know, apparently the t-shirt i have been wearing didnt get the msg across so here we go. T-shirt read “No i will not fix your computor” time for a new shirt….